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Happy Birthday Bill and Tom! :)

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Kaulitz twins! i know this is a really late time to post it because the days almost over but i still wanna wish you boys the most wonderful time and i hope you've both had a marvelous day! loads of love from laura in England :)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ready set...DOWNLOAD!

In June we celebrated the three year anniversary of Tokio Hotel’s London concert by taking you down memory lane. With this in mind it does not feel right to ignore the three year anniversary of the one and only UK music release which was Ready, Set, Go! on 27th August 2007.

That calls for a download day or even a week, doesn’t it? So let’s have some fun with this.

Get ready for “Ready, Set… Download” and click “read more” for information and details on what we’re doing.

We’re giving you a banner, flyer/poster, a promotion video and even clickable buttons that lead you directly to various sources to download the song. For most of this we have actually used original material that was provided back in the day. Yes, we’ve modified them a bit to fit our needs, e.g. the RSG poster was never really used for promotion in 2007 because they had the wrong dates printed on them (due to the release being pushed back). Also, we want to make clear that this is NOT an actual UK re-release of the song but merely a little project we thought would be fun for everyone to celebrate the three year anniversary with. Please make sure to point this out wherever you spread the information as it’s important that everybody is aware of this! This is also not a fan action to get a UK # 1 for the twins’ 21st birthday. *LOL* There is no set goal other than to have a bit of fun and give us all the chance to actively work together on something most of us didn’t get to do three years ago.

Take the information, flyer/poster, video, buttons etc and spread them everywhere you can think of including your social networks such as blogs, fansites, myspace etc. Even go out on the streets with the flyers if you want to. Try to reach out to as many UK fans as possible and let’s all download Ready, Set, Go! this week starting 23rd August and especially on 27th August, the actual anniversary date. Encourage as many people as you can (including friends and family) to take part and download the song. You can even take screen caps of all the places you posted the banner, video etc and send them to us in traditional Tokio Hotel banner contest manner or share them and pictures of whatever you decide to do in our thread.

Ready, Set… Download!

Start Date: 23rd August 2010
Duration: 1 week
Anniversary Day: 27th August 2010
NOTE: This is NOT a re-release of the single but a fan action

What is it about?

■Download “Ready, Set, Go!” (3.34mins) during the indicated download week to celebrate three year anniversary of Tokio Hotel’s one and only UK release.
■Spread information and materials (banner, video etc) provided during the download week to encourage as many UK fans and people as possible to download the song.
■Share screen caps and/or activity pictures of places you spread the materials with all of us by emailing them to tokiohoteluk@gmail.com or posting in our forum thread.
Where to download “Ready, Set, Go!” (3.34mins)?

■HMV £0.79
■Amazon UK £0.69
■Play.com £0.70
■iTunes UK £0.79
Now is the hard part guys, downloading was the easy part, the next task is to get Ready, Set, Go! played on the radio. You can try this with your local radio stations, university radio and bigger radio stations.

The radio stations we’re aiming at are Kerrang! Radio and Radio One. Hard right? Surely if we bombard them, and we mean go at them with our Tokio guns blazing they have no choice but to notice us and it’s worth trying!


Starting with Kerrang there is a request show every week night from 7pm until 10pm which means we can choose the songs. The DJ is Henry Evans and this is how we’re going to get him to notice us!

First, Facebook! Add his Facebook page and request Ready, Set, Go! There’s also a separate discussion thread about previous tries from UK fans who managed to get RSG played on 23rd April here.

Next, Myspace: request the exact same thing here.

And then on Twitter: http://twitter.com/henryontheradio

If you’re feeling extra giddy about all this requesting, send a text as well! (Network Charges do apply and the base rate is 25p).

The text number is 64100 and you start your text message with a K followed by Ready Set Go by Tokio Hotel.

So that is:
K Ready Set Go by Tokio Hotel!

Or depending on how brave you feel you can ring them on this number; 0845 688 1052 and depending on if you get through you can ask them live!!

Okay so that’s Kerrang done, now we move onto Radio One!

Radio One!

Reggie Yates is the guy we’ll be contacting this time! His request show is aired on Saturday 4pm till 7pm, a prime time to get Tokio Hotel noticed!

So lets get planning.

You can request on his Facebook here, the same as before asking nicely for Ready, Set, Go! by Tokio Hotel (just incase you forgot ;))

Or on his Twitter: http://twitter.com/regyates

And last but not least for Reggie, you can request it on the BBC Radio One’s website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/reggieyates/request/

Links to download buttons available on the original post by the Tokio Hotel UK street team

Here: http://www.tokiohotelstreetteam.co.uk/fanupdate.php?id=574

All info and links © TH UK street team

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The sexiest man alive!

....and he's called, Bill Kaulitz <3

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

GMTV Campaign Picture Fanaction!

Hey my lovelys! I hope you’re all having the most wonderful week! :D
Well I have something for yous especially the fans within the UK. I’m sure a lot of you know about the campaign I started early last year (2009) over on THO about trying to get tokio hotel on GMTV.

For those of you who still don’t know what GMTV (Good Morning Television) is a massive television show which is on in the mornings throughout the week and has been running for over 20 years and has won various awards. And the campaign is to get Tokio hotel on there, which would be good coz they don’t have much publicity over here.

Im sure some of you guys would know what I tried to do a couple of months ago? If you don’t I tried to make a video with videos of fans asking to get Tokio hotel on GMTV. Unfortunately I didn’t get any videos for that, so I couldn’t make one. However if anyone still would like to participate in that feel free to respond to it. You’ll find the video in the UK group and also on my page (Both on THO)

Well moving on slightly I was just on GMTV’s website today and they have a section on their website where you can send pictures. So I had an idea how about sending them pictures of ourselves holding a banner asking them to get the band on the show?

Here’s my picture, I had to edit over it coz you couldn’t see what I’d written. And I also but what region of the UK I’m from as you can see. I’m not going to send it though yet until I heard what you guys think and so on. If you wanna take part please send your pic’s asap that’d be much appreciated :)
Here’s the link to where to send photo’s: http://www.gm.tv/gmtv-viewer-submitted-pictures/42140-send-in-your-pictures.html

And If we should here’s the rules of sending photos, I’ve talked to my mum and she said it all should be fine but I think we all should read the rules anyways.

For the purposes of the following, the term "content" refers to any text, picture or video sent to GMTV.
You must be at least 16 years old to send content to GMTV. By submitting content, you agree to give GMTV a permanent, irrevocable licence to use your content as it thinks fit, and you waive any moral rights. Subject to the aforementioned, you will retain ownership of the copyright in your content, but grant GMTV a perpetual royalty-free right to exploit the same in any way it sees fit.
All content received by GMTV will be reviewed and some may be displayed on www.gm.tv. All content will be moderated and GMTV reserves the right to edit, alter, or adapt your content in its absolute discretion. Content which GMTV deems are abusive, defamatory, obscene or otherwise in poor taste will be deleted.
GMTV may display and/or mention on-air some content received but no guarantee is given that any content will be featured on-air.
Use and Protection of Your Personal Information
GMTV recognises that your privacy is important to you and we use the latest technologies & best practices to secure all personal information.
GMTV aims to preserve your privacy at all times and will not disclose your personal information to third parties unless it is required to do so by law or it, in good faith, believes that such action is necessary to:
Comply with the law or with legal process
Protect and defend our rights and property
Protect against misuse or unauthorised use of this website
Protect the personal safety or property of our customers or the public (among other things, this means that if you provide false registration information or attempt to pose as someone else, information about you may be disclosed as part of any investigation into your actions)

Where required to do so, GMTV may pass on your personal information to a legal or regulatory body.
Examples of content that will not be permitted on the site include, but are not limited to, the following:
Violent, illegal or threatening behaviour
Drug usage or promotion
Racist content
Content which may be considered defamatory, slanderous or libellous
Content which invades individuals rights to privacy
Copyright materials
Content containing inappropriate or offensive language

GMTV may notify the Police or other appropriate authorities should it consider the content to be illegal.
GMTV will, in its sole discretion, determine the layout and placing of your content on the programme and website if it is used.
By sending content to GMTV you agree to these terms and conditions.

So yeah that’s all, thanks for reading ect : )

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Happy 18th Birthday Eli! :D

Happy 18th Birthday Eli!

Wow I cant believe how fast your birthday has come round again :D only seems like yesterday I started that fic for you as a present last year :) so this year I thought to also write you a blog! Coz you’re so wonderful :) I hope you like what I sent you :) coz I wanted to send you something this year :D but it’s a shame you may not get it on time coz the post office is closed :/ but ooh well :) and I hope you have a wonderful day, you’re a really great friend, I always love talking to you :D and you’re coming to Poole in july! :D I wrote it on the family calendar lol :D cant wait! Love ya loads and thanks for being a wonderful friend <333

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Monday, 3 May 2010

Story: Letter's from an Angel - part 1

We sent each other letters every week, every week I would receive a new one written in his neatly written handwriting as if it were written by an angel.

We'd spent so many years apart; letters were the only way we could stay in contact. No one could send emails or text messages like the world can today. So I just had to wait for the letter, the letter that would always make my day.

We were only friends at first, that all it was nothing more, we'd been put in the same class on the first day of school, and that's how we met.

The teacher had told me to sit next to him since everyone was only allowed to sit boy girl boy girl. I guess looking back it was a way to stop the chatter in the classroom. So all the girls were separated from their group of friends and so were the boys.

But the funny thing was, was that me and him just sort of had this strange unknown connection, you know? From that day on we were inseparable.

He'd always have a way to make smile, even if I'd have had a hard day at home helping my mama and the servants with the housework. Since in those days women didn't really work, they stayed at home mostly after schooling had finished.

But then one day, all this was going to change. we met by the lake like we'd always did where we would, go down there and just sit there when there wasn't much to do, we'd talk for hours and feed the ducks.

But not this day, he had some news which meant he would have to go far away. His dad had got some work over in Germany where his family were from and was told he had to go and live there now.

I couldn't take it all in at first. We'd always had each other, and now we were going to be miles apart. An ocean apart to be exact.

That's when we swore to write a letter each and week, so then it would feel we weren't really that far apart, we were still together and were not alone.

It wasn't until we were a little older and things in teenage and adult life changed everything.

We'd been so close throughout the years that by the time our teenage years came we soon realised we were more than just friends. I loved him and he loved me. And now although we were so far apart, we knew our bond was stronger than ever.

On the day of my 18th birthday, in the morning a letter was lying there by the front door.
I knew from the writing that it was from when I picked it up and took it inside. once i opend it, the words read:

My sweet Ellie,, there's not a moment in the day that I don't think of you
There's not a moment in day that I'll stop loving you
I know that one day in the future there'll be time where we'd be together
And if god wishes to pull us apart
I'll try my upmost hardest to make sure nothing will ever come between us
All the times I've stood waiting for us to be together will be with every second from the moment I can hold you in my arms and really call you mine
I hope you have the best birthday you could possibly wish for. I only wish I could be there with you. Because, it's your birthday, a special birthday indeed, I've sent another letter that will be delivered at 6 o'clock this evening, as my give to you. I hope you'll like what's inside.
Missing you still everyday, my love.
Bill x

I couldn't stop the smile from forming across my face, neither my heart beating faster than ever in my chest.

"What another letter?!" I thought he'd never sent two in one day before. This was a surprise! For the rest of the day I'd kept my eyes firmly on the grandfather clock hanging in the dining room. I couldn't wait 'till then.

"Ellie darling, can you please come in and help me with the chores before the quests arrive!" mama called from the kitchen. You'd think you wouldn't have to do chores on your birthday right? Well I do.

I hated the fact that only women had to do the washing up and every chore in the house for that matter, even though we had servants me and mama were still expected to help out.

I found my brother Derek had the lighter end of it all, all him and father would do is sit and read the news paper and listen to the wireless all the time. I felt like they had it easy.

But hey, a girl in them days wasn't allowed to complain. But I guess it didn't matter too much at 6 o'clock that evening I was going to have something even more special on my doorstep than any of the other guests that were coming were going to give me.

You see I was born into a well lets say a rather wealthy family. My father was a top business man who did work hours and hours, before he did evitable sit in front the wireless that rest of the ay long. And because of that fact that he was a business man meant that we always had a lot of money coming through and other rich families well liked us.

And the night of my 18th was going to be my 18th birthday party as people would tend to call it nowadays. But back then it was more referred to my coming of age party. As I was 18 I was now eligible to be married. And that night I was supposed to meet my prince charming as mama called it.

But they didn't know about how I felt about Bill. It was always a secret. We had to. We just did. I guess my father wouldn't ever approve of me marrying a man that I hadn't seen for so many years and also I think he'd feel it would damage his reputation since Bill's father definitely wasn't a fellow businessman.

His father worked in factories. He didn't run them. And to my father that's a much too low status for the family to be marrying into.

So later that day when I had only two hours left to wait for my second letter from Bill. I went up to my room and got changed into what would be my evening gown, for the party. It was this beautiful golden dress that seemed to be made in silk and made me feel like one of those ladies you'd see in the movies. It was spectacular.

I sat at my mirrored desk in my room, and began writing my reply to bill, as my maid sorted out my hair for that evening.

To my dear bill, it is the same for me there's not one second that goes by that I don't think you of you either. You're my heart my soul.
You know there's nothing more right now that I wouldn't give to be in your arms. You're everything to me. How could you be so sure? I know our love is strong but there's something I haven't yet told you. Something that I think will ruin everything for us. And it breaks my heart to have to tell you. But my parents wish me to be married. And I'm supposed to meet that man this evening. I look forward to your letter this evening. I never expected that. I just hope there is some way in the world that'll shed a light, so we can for sure find out way to be together. I'll love you always Ellie x

"Ma'am people are starting to arrive and your father wishes to see you in his office before the entire hall is full" I heard another maid call to me.

She was only young I guessed at 14 we ha quite a few maids and other servants in our house working for us. I didn't really see them as maids and servants though they were more my friends.

"Thank you Marina." I smiled to her "Thanks Rachel." I said to my maid who'd been doing my hair for a while now. And then i left the room.

I wondered what my father wanted to talk about. I guessed it was about marriage or the man I was supposed to meet or the ones I was going to meet that evening, one or all of those things.

A few minutes later, made it to my fathers office. I stood there waiting for a few seconds before used my hand to reluctantly knock on the door.

"Come in!" I heard his musky voice call through the wood.

"It's me father." I said shyly. "Marina, said you wished to see me?"

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Tokio Hotel To GMTV!

Well, since January of 2009 i started a little campaign to Get Tokio Hotel my fave band, as I'm sure you already know are, on the British morning TV programme called GMTV which stands for: Good morning television, as i know they have thousands of viewers and i for one have always watched it since as long as i can remember since my mum has always put it on in the mornings, and i would just love it if they were able to get the band on the TV programme coz we don't get that much of them over here although they have a big fan base here, as well as in Ireland btw. So one the things is I've made group for this on the Tokio hotel fan site called Tokio Hotel on ning which is an amazing website btw it has well over 6000 members joined! how cool is that!? there you can find more information about the campaign and what you can do if you wish to participate! and also today i made a twitter account in aid of this which is called @GetTHonGMTV so please if you have twitter I'd really appreciate it if you follow :D so yeah i'd be forever grateful! bye see ya next post :) x

Friday, 30 April 2010

My first post

hey guys, it was suggested to me by a friend that i should start a blog, and i thought that was a good idea! which is why im doing this, as im nearly always posting various things on other websites so it makes sense :) i'm proberly going to be posting things like the stories and poems i write and also other things that i'm also very passionate about :) such as Tokio Hotel <---- my fave band! :) and also my fave TV shows one being Doctor who! woot gotta love that timelord ;D and guess what?! the new doctor comes from the same town as me! how awesome is that? well i guess thats it then till next post :) much love guys! xX <3