Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ready set...DOWNLOAD!

In June we celebrated the three year anniversary of Tokio Hotel’s London concert by taking you down memory lane. With this in mind it does not feel right to ignore the three year anniversary of the one and only UK music release which was Ready, Set, Go! on 27th August 2007.

That calls for a download day or even a week, doesn’t it? So let’s have some fun with this.

Get ready for “Ready, Set… Download” and click “read more” for information and details on what we’re doing.

We’re giving you a banner, flyer/poster, a promotion video and even clickable buttons that lead you directly to various sources to download the song. For most of this we have actually used original material that was provided back in the day. Yes, we’ve modified them a bit to fit our needs, e.g. the RSG poster was never really used for promotion in 2007 because they had the wrong dates printed on them (due to the release being pushed back). Also, we want to make clear that this is NOT an actual UK re-release of the song but merely a little project we thought would be fun for everyone to celebrate the three year anniversary with. Please make sure to point this out wherever you spread the information as it’s important that everybody is aware of this! This is also not a fan action to get a UK # 1 for the twins’ 21st birthday. *LOL* There is no set goal other than to have a bit of fun and give us all the chance to actively work together on something most of us didn’t get to do three years ago.

Take the information, flyer/poster, video, buttons etc and spread them everywhere you can think of including your social networks such as blogs, fansites, myspace etc. Even go out on the streets with the flyers if you want to. Try to reach out to as many UK fans as possible and let’s all download Ready, Set, Go! this week starting 23rd August and especially on 27th August, the actual anniversary date. Encourage as many people as you can (including friends and family) to take part and download the song. You can even take screen caps of all the places you posted the banner, video etc and send them to us in traditional Tokio Hotel banner contest manner or share them and pictures of whatever you decide to do in our thread.

Ready, Set… Download!

Start Date: 23rd August 2010
Duration: 1 week
Anniversary Day: 27th August 2010
NOTE: This is NOT a re-release of the single but a fan action

What is it about?

■Download “Ready, Set, Go!” (3.34mins) during the indicated download week to celebrate three year anniversary of Tokio Hotel’s one and only UK release.
■Spread information and materials (banner, video etc) provided during the download week to encourage as many UK fans and people as possible to download the song.
■Share screen caps and/or activity pictures of places you spread the materials with all of us by emailing them to tokiohoteluk@gmail.com or posting in our forum thread.
Where to download “Ready, Set, Go!” (3.34mins)?

■HMV £0.79
■Amazon UK £0.69
■Play.com £0.70
■iTunes UK £0.79
Now is the hard part guys, downloading was the easy part, the next task is to get Ready, Set, Go! played on the radio. You can try this with your local radio stations, university radio and bigger radio stations.

The radio stations we’re aiming at are Kerrang! Radio and Radio One. Hard right? Surely if we bombard them, and we mean go at them with our Tokio guns blazing they have no choice but to notice us and it’s worth trying!


Starting with Kerrang there is a request show every week night from 7pm until 10pm which means we can choose the songs. The DJ is Henry Evans and this is how we’re going to get him to notice us!

First, Facebook! Add his Facebook page and request Ready, Set, Go! There’s also a separate discussion thread about previous tries from UK fans who managed to get RSG played on 23rd April here.

Next, Myspace: request the exact same thing here.

And then on Twitter: http://twitter.com/henryontheradio

If you’re feeling extra giddy about all this requesting, send a text as well! (Network Charges do apply and the base rate is 25p).

The text number is 64100 and you start your text message with a K followed by Ready Set Go by Tokio Hotel.

So that is:
K Ready Set Go by Tokio Hotel!

Or depending on how brave you feel you can ring them on this number; 0845 688 1052 and depending on if you get through you can ask them live!!

Okay so that’s Kerrang done, now we move onto Radio One!

Radio One!

Reggie Yates is the guy we’ll be contacting this time! His request show is aired on Saturday 4pm till 7pm, a prime time to get Tokio Hotel noticed!

So lets get planning.

You can request on his Facebook here, the same as before asking nicely for Ready, Set, Go! by Tokio Hotel (just incase you forgot ;))

Or on his Twitter: http://twitter.com/regyates

And last but not least for Reggie, you can request it on the BBC Radio One’s website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/reggieyates/request/

Links to download buttons available on the original post by the Tokio Hotel UK street team

Here: http://www.tokiohotelstreetteam.co.uk/fanupdate.php?id=574

All info and links © TH UK street team

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