Saturday, 1 May 2010

Tokio Hotel To GMTV!

Well, since January of 2009 i started a little campaign to Get Tokio Hotel my fave band, as I'm sure you already know are, on the British morning TV programme called GMTV which stands for: Good morning television, as i know they have thousands of viewers and i for one have always watched it since as long as i can remember since my mum has always put it on in the mornings, and i would just love it if they were able to get the band on the TV programme coz we don't get that much of them over here although they have a big fan base here, as well as in Ireland btw. So one the things is I've made group for this on the Tokio hotel fan site called Tokio Hotel on ning which is an amazing website btw it has well over 6000 members joined! how cool is that!? there you can find more information about the campaign and what you can do if you wish to participate! and also today i made a twitter account in aid of this which is called @GetTHonGMTV so please if you have twitter I'd really appreciate it if you follow :D so yeah i'd be forever grateful! bye see ya next post :) x

Friday, 30 April 2010

My first post

hey guys, it was suggested to me by a friend that i should start a blog, and i thought that was a good idea! which is why im doing this, as im nearly always posting various things on other websites so it makes sense :) i'm proberly going to be posting things like the stories and poems i write and also other things that i'm also very passionate about :) such as Tokio Hotel <---- my fave band! :) and also my fave TV shows one being Doctor who! woot gotta love that timelord ;D and guess what?! the new doctor comes from the same town as me! how awesome is that? well i guess thats it then till next post :) much love guys! xX <3