Thursday, 13 May 2010

Happy 18th Birthday Eli! :D

Happy 18th Birthday Eli!

Wow I cant believe how fast your birthday has come round again :D only seems like yesterday I started that fic for you as a present last year :) so this year I thought to also write you a blog! Coz you’re so wonderful :) I hope you like what I sent you :) coz I wanted to send you something this year :D but it’s a shame you may not get it on time coz the post office is closed :/ but ooh well :) and I hope you have a wonderful day, you’re a really great friend, I always love talking to you :D and you’re coming to Poole in july! :D I wrote it on the family calendar lol :D cant wait! Love ya loads and thanks for being a wonderful friend <333

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  1. Heey! *klem*
    Thank you very much Laura! :D <3
    Im so happy today ^^
    Hehe so cute icon/avatar pic the one on the top! =).
    I can't wait to come to poole in july:D
    thnx u r a really great friend too :)
    Yes it was closed today :/ But maybe I get it tomorrow or something. :) I had a really wonderful day :D! Love ya too!
    Bare hyggelig <333

  2. *hugs*
    you're welcome :D i wanted to do a little something for you :) i'm glad you're happy :D hehe thanks i thought it was cute too thats why i chose it :D hehe :D you're welcome and thanks :)ooh i hope so, i think i shoulda sent it earlier than i did to be honest :/ but i hope you get it soon! :D i'm glad you had a wonderful day! :D what did you do for your birthday? :) <33333

  3. a friend was here and my grandmother and my aunt and uncle was here so I was talking with them and celebrated my bday ofc xD and it was cakes and presents hehe.